LGBT 30 Day Challenge

Day 1 - Your sexual orientation or gender identity. Be creative in your definition.

Day 2 - Did you have any experiences as a child that might have foreshadowed your sexuality? 

Day 3 - How old were you when you knew? What was that like for you?

Day 4 - The first person you came out to and that story

Day 5 - Thoughts regarding inner turmoil about your sexuality; Did you have any? Did it escalate to self-injury or suicidal thoughts?

Day 6 - Did you face any problems regarding religion?

Day 7 - How your parents took it or how you think they might take it

Day 8 - What do you think the closet or being closeted means to you?

Day 9 - What do you think about LGBT Pride? Is it helpful or hurtful? Encouraged or unnecessary? 

Day 10 - What does marriage mean to you?

Day 11 - Your favorite LGBT book (or one you’d like to read)

Day 12 - Your favorite LGBT movie (or one you’d like to see)

Day 13 - Your favorite LGBT role model/celebrity 

Day 14 - Your favorite LGBT song or artist

Day 15 - Your favorite LGBT quote

Day 16 - A picture from your first LGBT relationship or of your first LGBT crush

Day 17 - Your first experience with an LGBT organization or event (Day of Silence, Pride, etc)

Day 18 - Something about the LGBTQ community you don’t understand or have a question about

Day 19 - Butch or Femme? 

Day 20 - Maureen or Joanne? (Or your favorite LGBTQ show or queer-positive show)

Day 21 - Political LGBT issue that is closest to you or affects you most 

Day 22 - An LGBT image that makes you smile

Day 23 - An LGBT image that makes you cry or makes you angry

Day 24 - The stupidest argument/comment you’ve heard about gay people or an LGBT issue

Day 25 - The LGBT slur you hate most or if you’ve taken back a slur and used it as a definition, ie queer or fag.

Day 26 - Your favorite gay joke (we all need to laugh at ourselves)

Day 27 - Your favorite LGBT blog/tumblr/site

Day 28 - Write a letter to someone. It can be a coming out letter or a letter regarding how you hate their homophobia or whatnot. You don’t have to send it.


Day 30 - Anything LGBT you’d like to end this on :]

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